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Bylaws (Draft)

The Catalina 4 Series Association hereinafter referred to as the Association, shall be governed according to the following bylaws.

Association Fleets

Association Fleets may be formed anywhere nationally or internationally. A minimum of 3 yachts are required to constitute an Association Fleet. Any combination of C400s, C42s, C425s, C440s and/or C445s (minimum of 3 yachts) can become an Association Fleet.

Annual Fleet Officer Elections

The annual election of Fleet Officers shall be held by 30 November each year. Results of these elections shall be filed by the Fleet Secretary with the Secretary and Treasurer of the Catalina 4 Series Association not later than 20 December of the same year.

Minimum Number of Officers

Each Fleet shall have, as a minimum, a Fleet Captain, Assistant Fleet Captain, and a Fleet Secretary/Treasurer.

Renewal of Fleet Charters

Fleet Treasurers shall file, with the Treasurer of the Catalina 4 Series Association, updated fleet rosters of members showing names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, hull numbers, yacht names, and berthing information along with checks for the National Dues by 20 December.

Fleet Captains shall file Annual Fleet Reports with the Commodore of the Association each year two weeks prior to the annual meeting. These Annual Fleet Reports shall consist of:

Annual Dues

The annual dues for members residing in the United States will be $27.50.

Annual dues for members residing outside the United States shall be $27.50, plus postage.

Fleet Newsletters

All Association Fleets shall publish, at a minimum, an annual newsletter and must send electronic copies of all newsletters to the Commodore of the Association.


Failure to comply with the requirements set forth above may result in the suspension of that Fleet from the Association.